Monday, 28 April 2014

Ooh aahh just a little bit (of terrible Eurovision style)

Some of you may know of my love of Eurovision and for those of you that don't, I bloody LOVE Eurovision. So in honour of this years contest (10th May folks get it in the diary) I thought I would do something different for the blog and have a look at Eurovision fashions through the years. There's too much in Eurovision history to include it all so I have just picked out some significant years. 

All I can say is brace your eyes for the festival of hideous/amazing/demented fashion that you are about to see. Who knew that these clothes could ever exist and my god I want to meet the people that designed them. 

1972 - Edinburgh, yup edinburgh once had the glory of hosting. Damn you history.

Betty Mars from France was all about the sleeves. The biggest, puffiest sleeves she could get her hands on/through.

Couple co-ordination was big in 1972, Joseph from Malta's red polka dot, eh shirt dress/sarong? is particularly fetching.

1974, Brighton - The year that Abba won.

Olivia Newton John for the United Kingdom
Check out the frills on this dress, it's like your granny's nightdress on crack.

Sadly I couldnt find a full group shot of Kaveret from Israel in their amazing array of tank tops but I can assure you they are awesome. I think can safely say I also now know who the husbands style Icons are.

The men of the 1974 contest were on fine shirt collar form with Belgium's Jacques Hustin (blue) and Korni from Yugoslavia who came as disco jesus in his green shiny shirt.

1981, Dublin - Victory for the UK

Sheeba who represented Ireland in 1981 blew the budget on their outfits - part mermaid, part star trek space monster, part christmas tree - what more could you want in a dress. One of them even has corn rows, Ireland brought it in 1981

Sadly this is the best picture I can find of Riki from finland in all his harlequin trousered glory. I urge you to find him on youtube to fully appreciate the wonder.

Special Mentions or amazing outfits I could not leave out

Belle and the Devotions - UK 1984
either styled by Cyndi Lauper or an eighties hooker.

Coco - UK 1978
Clown school meets fame with added Cheryl Baker's magic emerald crotch. 

XXL - Macedonia 2000
Someone in Macedonia had quite clearly been watching a lot of Romy and Michelle's High School reunion before designing this

Poland 2003
Well who doesnt want a sequinned denim jacket with doves flying across it?

Israel 1993
Eh I am really not sure what is going on here, these poor woman seem to be in some pastel satin, camel toed 2 piece nightmare with added ever so flattering half cape skirt and floral garland armbands. At least the woman on the right had the good sense to sarong up and cover up the camel toe!

This one is so amazing you get the video to appreciate the full beauty.

Rowan x

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