Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Rowanjoy Bride - Amandine

I first met Amandine over a year before her wedding after she had seen the Chloe dress on her friend Trish who modelled for our Desire, Decadence and Decay shoot and she was pretty certain that it was the dress for her.  Her Fiance had also seen the photos of the dress though, so even though he didn't know it was the dress she was going for Amandine wanted to make it more her own. We changed the lace to one with a more defined Scalloped edge and a bit less beading and also added a wider piece of lace around the waist. A lighter ivory was used for the main dress fabric and the dress was finished off with my favourite a row of buttons as the fastening down the back. And what a gorgeous bride she was, the hair, flowers and beaming smile complement the dress perfectly.

Rowan x

All photos Ryan White Wedding Photography 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Rowanjoy Bride and Bridesmaids - Karen

I had such fun working with Karen and her bridesmaids making all their dresses for her wedding in September. Karen loved the style and details of the Ava dress and with a couple of slight design changes it was the perfect dress for her. Her 3 bridesmaids chose bespoke designs and were unanimous in choosing a beautiful gold silk which tied in with the gold and champagne details in Karens dress perfectly. Don't they all look gorgeous.

Rowan x

All Photos Philip Stanley

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The story of a dress. Rowanjoy bride - Rowan (yeah, its me)

There is a strange kind of pressure when you are doing something you do as a living for yourself, as peoples expectations are always going to be that little bit higher. I found that making my dress, but hey I like a bit of pressure and only starting making it 3 and a half weeks before the wedding seemed like a sensible way to add to the pressure! Despite everyone thinking I would be finishing it the day before the wedding, I knew it would be fine and finished it with a week to go. Then there's the added pressure you put on yourself. For all my brides I'm always confident in the design that they will love the dress, but for some reason making my own I seemed to question myself more than usual.

I always knew I didnt want a traditional looking wedding dress and there was always going to be some colour involved. Originally I wanted a patterned fabric but being a complete fusspot I couldnt find anything I liked at all. So one colour with some coloured lace to create detail and pattern was the solution. I think I got about 30 samples of fabric before I found the right one, nothing was quite the right shade of green or the right type of fabric - told you I was a fussy bugger. Eventually I found one I loved and then sent a sample to my lace supplier who kindly had offered to dye lace to match it for me. They were unable to match it perfectly instead it was a couple of shades darker which actually worked so much better as the lace stood out against the paler green. 

A selection of my samples (sorry for the crap photo)
I knew what the design of the dress would be when I first decided to make my own dress. It was a style I knew would suit me, I would feel comfortable in and that was very me - these are things I always tell my brides they have to think about when choosing a dress so I thought I better listen to my own advice.  

Original Dress sketch
So that was the dress all designed and ready to go and despite a slight panic when ordering the fabric that it might not get here in time to get the dress made, it all turned out fine! So here it it is and a few more photos from our wedding day.

Rowan x

All photos(except my terrible iphone photos) 
Caro Weiss Photography