Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pippa Middleton in Rowanjoy

There is much excitement with Rowanjoy today as completely out of the blue one of my dresses has appeared across the national and even some world press. I was walking home from doing a bit of extra work on today when I spotted a familiar dress on the cover of the Scotsman newspaper. It was a dress by one of the other Godiva Boutique designers from 7 years ago when we had shown a collection for the Edinburgh University Charity Fashion show and was being modelled by a certain Miss Pippa Middleton. After buying the Scotsman and making an excited call to Fleur the owner of Godiva boutique I realised there was actually a photo of one of my dresses on page 3 as well. Not only is the picture of my dress in the Scotsman it has also been used in The Sun, The Daily Record, The Daily Mirror and The Daily Mail and their online counterparts and online for Us magazine - yes I am tres tres excited.

Pippa Middleton in Rowanjoy Butterfly Dress

The 2 models on the left are also in Rowanjoy.

Unfortunately I dont have a credit for making the dress but I am trying to rectify that as we speak. The dress along with 2 other outfits were the first I had shown on the catwalk since my graduation from Edinburgh College of Art the year before and from what I remember was a great show to take part in with John Snow as the compere (wearing one of his trademark ties) I clearly remember discussing the idea of the butterflies in the hair with Fleur and think they may still be hiding down in the Godiva Basement. I think we shall be hunting those out on Monday!

Rowan x


  1. This is so cool Rowan! What a wonderful surprise. The guests at the event will be hearing about this! Denise xxx

  2. Hi Rowan, this is Melissa Montero of Sharp Entertainment in NYC, we are interested in speaking with you. How can I reach you? Please email me at thanks!

  3. Hi Rowan,

    I saw you interviewed on 'Mad about Pippa' on TV here in the States the other night, and I just wanted to say congrats! You came across really well on the show : ) We haven't been in touch since school, but I remember you well and it's good to hear you're doing so well and doing what you love.

    All the best, Julie Stewart (living in Washington, DC since '09)