Sunday, 28 August 2016

Descend into Dusk

 When I organise photoshoots I always find the location the hardest piece of the puzzle to organise. Whether it's that I can't find somewhere that has the right look or I can find somewhere but they want to charge a fortune/we can't get access/is on the other side of the world, it can be really difficult. But sometimes the perfect location pops up on your instagram feed and it belongs to your friend and you know you have to do a shoot there because it is beautiful.

And that was this flat.

Layers of peeling wallpaper, perfect muted tones, torn paper on the floor. A space in decay that we imagined our girl had grown from and was part of the building itself. Her outfits merge with the colour palette of each room - layers of lace and organza grow up her body, torn ruffles of silk and tulle burst out of seams and vintage wallpaper prints combine with soft lace. Her hair is tangled and knotted, braiding and lace from her clothing weave their way up and around her head. Decaying and dying flowers grow out of the peeling walls and cascade down the fireplace onto the remnants of the flat's previous existence.

Descend into Dusk.

Photographer - Paul Marr
Make Up - Bo Kawczynska
Floral Installation - Rachel @ Hedgerow
Location - Emily @ Fantoush
Outfits - Rowanjoy

Rowan x