Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Living in La la land

Ah la la Land, we've all been there, it's that wonderful magical place just over the hill and beyond the lake of dreams. Now, though, it no longer exists just in fantasy it is now a fabulous boutique in the West end of Glasgow. Opened only a month ago by Sarah Graham in De Courcy's Arcade just behind Byres Road it is a little treasure chest of gorgeous things and now is the Glasgow stockist of Rowanjoy. Sarah is also the force behind the fashion magazine Coveted which aims to promote the Scottish fashion industry, never a bad thing in my eyes.
The boutique is a treasure trove of all things fashion, with a mixture of accessories, clothes, jewellery and magazines to choose from. I have put some pics up of a few of the pieces that are now on sale in the shop as well as these my printed tshirts and winter tweed capes are all in stock. So for those of you in Glasgow in need of some fashion fixing get yourselves to the west end.