Thursday, 31 December 2015

Rowanjoy Real Brides 2015 - Brides in dresses from the collection, part 2.

It's part 2 of brides in dresses from the made to measure collection and my word arent't all of them absolute babes.

Starting off with Claire looking oh so amazing in the Crawford dress. Claire was looking for something that wasn't a traditional looking wedding dress and initially was drawn to a strapless gold and peach brocade dress but after trying on the Crawford dress it was unanimous that it had the right mix of modern yet bridal. The dress was kept exactly as it was which meant Claire could have fun with accessories to go with the dress, she commissioned the most brilliant painted leather jacket and absolutely stunning headpiece from Rene Walrus. It is so wonderful to see how differently people interpret and style their dresses and I love Claire's more fashion led look. 

Photography Tub of Jelly

Lisa was another one of those brides who after spotting the dress at a wedding fair came in to the studio to try it on and knew immediately it was the one. Lisa chose the Chloe dress and loved it exactly as it was so we kept it just as the original. Lisa also commissioned a veil from me to match her dress, the veil was edged with the same lace trim that is on the waist of the dress and just compliments it perfectly. She finished off the dress and the veil with the most beautiful star halo from my super studio made Rene Walrus, doesnt she just look beautiful.

Photography Jen Owens

Lindsey was my first bride of 2015 and well, what a way to start.

Lindsey got in touch after spotting (coincidentally) another Lindsay in her version of the Ava dress on a blog and after coming in to try on the sample and chatting about what changes could be made to the original she decided this was the one. The main shape of the dress was kept as the original with the back being raised up and more lace coming across the back to create a keyhole. The base lace was changed to a beautiful delicate beaded lace which gave the dress even more of twinkle. The lace appliques which are hand sewn on the dress were used both as detail on the main dress but also to create an organic, asymmetric edge around the keyhole and on the shoulders to create a cap sleeve. Finally sea green and opal beads were added in for a bit more sparkle and to tie in with the colours for the wedding. I love how Lindsey's dress still looks like the Ava dress but is so unique to her and my word doesnt she just look stunning.
You can read more about Lindsey's gorgeous day here.

Photography The Kitcheners

Rowan x

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Rowanjoy 2015 Real Brides - Brides in dresses from the collection

For me, one of the best feelings is when a bride chooses a dress from my made to measure collection for their wedding dress. Whether they decide to have it made as the original design or make changes to suit them, it's lovely to know that people like the designs I come up with. 

Kat had fallen in love with the Ava dress when she first saw it and knew with a couple of adjustments to the style it was the one for her. The neckline was changed from the slash neck to a V neck and the back was raised up to be less open with a keyhole detail created with the lace. A couple of minor changes which made the dress perfect for Kat who looks absolutely gorgeous in it.

Claire was another bride who pretty much knew straight away that the Harlow dress was the one for her. There was just one small change - the dress was turned back to front. Claire had tried the dress on both ways round and it was unanimous that having the V neck at the front and the keyhole at the back suited her much better. Sometimes it's as simple as that! Styled with a gorgeous flower crown from Sparrow and Rose Claire looks beautiful and the dress works perfectly for her barn wedding.

Photography Caro Weiss

I am always a bit nervous when I introduce a new dress style to the collection in case no-one orders it, thankfully with the Crawford dress i needn't have worried. Fiona was looking for a dress that had the feel of something that Audrey Hepburn would have worn but with a modern twist. She spotted the Crawford dress through the Glasgow Wedding Collective and got in touch straight away. There was no question that it was the dress for her, as soon as she tried the sample on we all knew (best feeling ever!) The dress was kept exactly as the original and the only thing Fiona had to worry about was finding the perfect shoes to go with it to show them off with the high low hem. So my first bride in a Crawford dress and doesnt she look amazing.

Rowan x

Friday, 18 December 2015

Rowanjoy real brides - Brides in pinks and blush

 As promised the second part of my brides in colour from this year and this time these are the brides that chose gorgeous pink and blush tones for their dresses.

Lisa first saw the Cecelia dress from my made to measure collection at one of the Wedding Collective fairs and as soon as she came in to the studio to try it on she knew it was the one for her. The dress was kept exactly as the original and lisa wore it with her sisters veil which had beautiful lace details which matched the blush tones of the silk beautifully, making it the perfect something borrowed.
Photography Laurie Gray

You might have spotted Marianne on this blog already but I couldnt miss her and her bespoke version of the Grace dress out of the round up of the year.

Photography Caro Weiss

Elaine was another one of my magnificent 7 from October and wow, her dress was a stunner. The dress shape itself was kept quite simple with an angled sweetheart neckline, low back and full gathered skirt, it was finished off with an illusion tulle neckline and sleeve with linear lace appliques. The main dress fabric was the most beautiful blush pink silk crepe which I think gives the dress such an extra wow feature. Elaine had seen Marianne's gold lace edge veil and knew that it would be the perfect to go with her dress so commissioned one as well. Isn't she gorgeous?

Photography Nicola Arber

My final bride in this round up is also a pretty special bespoke commission, completely unique to the bride. Fiona's dress was inspired by the feel of 1920's style dresses and one of her main requests was to have elements of peacock feathers in the design. Handily my lace supplier has the most beautiful beaded lace with varying sizes of peacock feathers which I knew would be perfect on the dress. The design of the dress came quite organically with the shapes of the peacock feathers following the curves of the dress to create the most stunning hourglass shape. One of the main features of the dress was using one solitary feather applique on the back to create the illusion of a tattoo. Fiona chose a gorgeous oyster blush silk as the main dress fabric which really highlighted the shapes of the lace on the dress. I absolutely love this dress its so unusual and was a great joy to make.

I have one final bride getting married in pink this year but she isnt getting married until December 29th so unfortunately I cant share any pics, but here is a little sneak peak of the fabric and lace.

Rowan x

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Rowanjoy 2015 real brides - Brides in Greys and Greens

 This year I have been particularly terrible at blogging about my brides and their dresses, there's just been too many lovely dresses to make! So now with a everything quietening down for Christmas I have a bit of time to look back over the year and share all the gorgeous brides I have had the pleasure of working with this year. 

This year I have definitely seen a trend in brides breaking out from the traditional whites and ivories and choosing colour for their dresses, so many that I am doing 2 separate posts on my brides in colour.

First of all the brides in greys and greens (I cant resist a bride in green after I got married in it myself)

Katriona was one of my October magnificent 7 and chose the most gorgeous shade of green for her dress. Beautiful silk crepe with geometric, floral ivory lace details and sleeves, a keyhole detail at the front neckline and my new favourite design detail a cut out at the back waist all combined to make Katriona's dress.

Photography Lauren McGlynn

Ok so technically Kirsty got married in pink and green, but with a green that awesome how could I not put it in the this section! Kirsty chose the most vibrant emerald green silk douppion for her pleated skirt and combined it with a pale pink silk crepe top with gold lace applique detailing. A waist belt made from a vintage brocade completed Kirsty's Frida Kahlo inspired wedding look, doesnt she look amazing.

Photography Caro Weiss

India wanted a relaxed, boho feel for her wedding dress and chose a fabulous geometric cotton lace which was layered over a dove grey crepe to really show off the lace pattern. The dress shape was kept simple with a v neckline and fitted waist combined with a slightly flared skirt and fitted sleeve, India also chose my favourite back detail with cut out at waist and covered buttons to finish off the dress perfectly.

Photography Caro Weiss

Angela loved the shape of the Clara dress from the made to measure collection but decided the Ivory of the original was not for her. I found a beautiful silver silk satin which was combined with an ivory and gold sequinned lace to completely transform the dress from its original. I think angela looks like she is straight out of a movie premiere from the thirties, damn gorgeous.

Photography Lisa Devine 

Aren't they all gorgeous and all so different. I am looking forward to sharing the pinks and blush dresses tomorrow.

Rowan x