Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Rowanjoy Bridesmaid - Carina

Last year as well as all my bridal commissions I had the pleasure of being commissioned for a variety of bridesmaid dresses. One of my favourites was for Carina, whose sister was getting married at home in Australia. Carina came to with the fabric already chosen (and my word was it the most beautiful colour of green I had ever seen) and looking for a 1930's style bias cut dress based on a vintage style she had seen. It was such a wonderful dress to work on and looks absolutely glorious on Carina and doesnt it compliment her sisters beaded wedding dress perfectly.

Rowan x

Photographs courtesy I got you babe

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New year, new plans and a gorgeous Rowanjoy Bride, Amy.

Happy New Year!!

So its the second official day back at work today and after actually having a full 2 weeks off (apart from doing my accounts and tax return - the joys of self employment!) I am loving being back in the studio and making plans for the year ahead. I already have lots of lovely brides booked in for this year and I cannot wait to get cracking on their dresses. I am just starting to design my new collection and hopefully have a couple of other (at the moment) secret projects to get my head around this year, all very exciting.

To start off the year on the blog I want to take you back to the gorgeous hazy late summer days of September (remember those? yeah me neither) and to Amy's wedding. Amy's dress was a bespoke version of the Clara dress taking the original shape and changing the gold details for Ivory and Lace and my absolute favourite part, adding in the most beautful detailed lace for the flared part of the lower skirt. And my god, how flipping gorgeous and happy does Amy look? I love the changes to the dress so much I eventually plan to make a new sample using the ideas in Amy's dress and adding it to the collection.

So enjoy the warmth, happiness and Love in the photos and here's looking to much more of all of those in 2015.

Rowan x

All photos courtesy of Gillian Glover MacLean Photography