Friday, 4 November 2011

Friday I'm in love.... Tim Walker and Mongolia

I had the joy of receiving my new copy of British Vogue through the post on Tuesday and did my usual flicking through to the photoshoots first. To my delight the first shoot I spotted was by my favourite photographer (apart from Paul) Tim Walker. I have loved his work since I saw his shoot with Lily Cole in India and just fell in love with the dreamy wonderlands he creates in his work.
Tim Walker Lily Cole shoot British Vogue
Tim Walker Lily Cole Shoot British Vogue
Paul and I have a habit of getting into conversations about our love of Tim Walkers work and which of his shoots is our favourite. He is definitely an inspiration when it comes to planning and creating our ideas for my shoots and are normally the images I show to Paul when I am saying "I want it to look like this!" Unfortunately our budget isnt quite on the same level but even if we manage to create something a tiny bit as magical as he does, I am happy.
Left - Tim Walker for British Vogue                                       Right - Paul Marr for Rowanjoy
Left - Tim Walker for British Vogue          Right - Paul Marr for Rowanjoy

The new shoot in Decembers Vogue is set in Mongolia therefore combining 2 of the things I love. I visited Mongolia in 2008 and completely fell in love with the country - it has the most amazing scenery, landscapes and skyscapes. If you have ever thought about doing the trans-mongolian rail then dont even hesitate to do it, it is one of the most wonderful trips you could do - Russia, Mongolia and finishing in China you experience such a variety of cultures, foods and architecture. It was incredibly inspiring for me and I definitely over indulged in the local fabric shops which had such a huge selection of beautiful embroidered brocades I had no idea where to begin. Word of warning though if you go to mongolia and are offered fermented Yaks milk politely decline, its the most vile thing I have ever tasted (avoid the cheese as well).

So all this rambling brings me to the combination of the 2 things that I love the current shoot in British Vogue. This is a selection of some of my favourite images from the shoot. I hope you love them as much as I do. 

Rowan x

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