Sunday, 6 March 2011

Beatriz Milhazes - A carnival in a painting

Recently I was going through some folders of research I had done when I was at college. Whilst rifling through the images I had collated I found some pages full of paintings made up from the most fabulous colours, pattern and prints. I had loved this artist whilst I was at college but in the 8 years since then her name had completely escaped my brain and I had stupidly not written it down anywhere. I resigned myself to the fact I was unlikely to ever remember what her name was. Then by complete luck whilst flicking through the current Vogue to my surprise I spotted one of her paintings in an article about interior design. I was very pleased that I once again would be able to find more and more of her work.

As you can see her work is a riot of colour and pattern, each work is a visual treat for the eye. Milhazes is brazilian and her paintings feel like there is in fact a carnival going on in each one. If I could find fabrics with prints like these in them I would be a very happy designer.

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