Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Its all about tulle.

Last week whilst designing my new collection, I had an idea for the photoshoot. I decided I wanted to have tulle pompoms. Not just any tulle pompoms - giant ones. I'm not entirely sure where this thought came from, I'm not planning on using tulle in my collection, must have just been from the strange happenings in my brain. Although after watching my big fat gypsy wedding last night i wonder if i was subliminally influenced by seeing all those giant dresses, one had 500 metres of tulle in it and I thought making a dress with 10 metres of fabric in it was a nightmare. I dont think I could compete with that level of giant tulle constructions.

Back to the pompom. So this is what I have so far - more a giant tulle doughnut than pompom but hopefully with one more layer added, a beautiful tulle pompom will emerge like a butterfly from its cocoon. It has already taken me several metres of tulle and over an hour to get to this point so i think this may be the only giant pompom I will attempt.

Im hoping my pompom turns out as lovely and perfectly formed as these.

I live in hope anyway.

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