Monday, 10 January 2011

Inspiration - Les Parapluies de cherbourg...

... or the umbrellas of cherbourg to give it its english title. I have decided to use this film as one of my inspirations for my new S/S 2011 collection which i am in the process of designing right now. I had never heard of it until my boyfriend (big film buff) told me about it and was surprised I had never seen it, it being a musical and me having a bit of an obsession with musicals. It is unusual for a musical as every word is sung unlike most where songs are broken up with dialogue. I loved it the first time I saw it - the combination of the the story of lost love, the songs and the beautiful visuals. The film is filled with colour and pattern as well as the sweet fashions that Catherine Deneuve wears. These are the elements I shall be taking from the film to put in my collection and you never know there may be the odd umbrella sneaked in somewhere.

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