Thursday, 10 November 2011

Friday I'm in love.... Daniel Egneus

I have decided to make friday I'm in love... (yes I know very imaginative) a regular post and each friday I'm going to write about (imaginatively) something I love. It will be a mixture of my inspirations, people whose work I admire, films, music and maybe the odd random one in there as well. 

 This week I am bringing you an artist/illustrator whose work I think is a nice continuation from my post about Tim Walker from last week - Daniel Egneus. I came across his work thanks to my friend Lucy, who is herself a wonderful illustrator, and fell in love as soon I saw it.  His work, like Tim Walker's, has a dream-like quality to it with scenes filled with girls dressed in animals and rooms with creatures and pattern covering the page. There were endless images I wanted to post up here but had to limit myself to just a few but if you want to see more then head to his website here. Its definitely worth taking a little while out of your day to immerse yourself in his wonderful worlds. 

Rowan x

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