Sunday, 20 June 2010

Im-Press me

Thanks to the aforementioned Swelle Boutique in my previous post, I have had a few lovely snippets of online press in the last week or so. It was thanks to Denise from the boutique that I found out about 2 of them and the 3rd was a lovely surprise discovery I made myself. The 2 Denise told me about were on Dujour magazine and the blog A change of a dress. Both have written lovely post about the dresses featured in the online boutique and about the label in general. Thankyou to both for their mentions. The links are below.

The 3rd and most exciting for me was a mention on the Guardian websites fashion statement in the life and style section. I subscribe to the fashion statement column and get it emailed to me every week so you can imagine my surprise this week when scrolling through the articles in it, near the bottom I spotted a familiar photo - one from my spring/summer collection shoot. In the shopping news they had decided to feature the new Swelle boutique and to my joy had used one of my images and mentioned my label. It is my first mention in a national newspaper so even though it was just a little one it was still a great treat for me. Here is the link to it, just scroll down to near the bottom.

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