Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Its a very swelle boutique.

Yes folks you can now buy Rowanjoy online, no its not the online shop I have been telling everyone I am going to set up, It is what my online shop will aspire to be. Swelle boutique has been set up by Denise Grayson who has the wonderful blog which talks about all the gorgeous things in life. This time last year she wrote an embarrassingly lovely post about Rowanjoy and we kept in touch ever since. When she told about setting Swelle Boutique and if I would be interested in being one of the designers she stocked I jumped at the chance. As it was the launch of the boutique I felt some special pieces were most definitely necessary so I created a 3 piece mini collection of the most romantic and pretty dresses I could manage. Turns out that they happen to rank in my top 15 pieces I have made and out of several hundred I think that is pretty good going.

The boutique also stocks a selection of other designers who share the same philosophy of creating beautiful one off or limited edition pieces that have that special quality about them. A fellow ECA graduate and alumni of the Godiva academy of misfits Lu Flux has some gorgeous pieces on sale. My favourite being the Plume skirt made from a gorgeous rainbow of vintage fabrics, scalloped and layered to create the skirt. The label Neue has some wonderfully pleated and tailored dresses which look like the perfect alternative day dress and also look beautifully made.

So go check it out and see the gorgeous offerings Denise has curated for you to spend those pennies burning a hole in your picket on. I also highly recommend a good read of Denise's blog especially if like me you love the pretty things in life - she seems to find them at every possible turn.

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