Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Rowanjoy August Brides - Caroline and Rebecca

I had 2 lovely August brides who both got married on the same day this year. 

Caroline chose for her dress the classic version of the Ava dress and she looks absolutely gorgeous in it. In her email with the photos she wrote me the loveliest testimonial about the process of getting her dress made.

"So the dust has settled and finally coming to terms with the honeymoon being over and no longer being in Paris, it’s been tough! Catching up on my admin bits and bobs since the wedding and wanted to get in touch firstly to say hi but send you a couple of pics too from the day. I felt amazing Rowan and truly adored my dress, it was absolutely perfect for the day and I’m so glad I went with my heart and picked out this beauty, it was so so special.

Thank you for making the whole process so easy and so much fun, I cherished my wee trips to Edinburgh and coming to visit you for fittings. So, as I say, some pics attached for you to see, I hope I done your gorgeous design some amount of justice!"

There is nothing nicer than hearing something like this back from one of my customers and just knowing that I have helped contribute to making a bride have a wonderful wedding day truly is the best thing about what I do.

Rebecca was the first of my brides to order one of my newer designs - The Harlow dress. The original Harlow dress has the V detail at the back and high neck at the front, however Rebecca chose to have her dress made the opposite way round with the V at the front which I think looks just as good! (I now encourage all brides trying the sample on to try in back to front as well as the right way round!) Apart from that one change the dress was kept exactly as it was using the same fabulous beaded lace, and doesn't it look gorgeous on her. 

I was super jealous of Rebecca's wedding plans which involved doing a canal trip down the union canal and I had actually planned to do a teeny bit of stalking on her wedding day as I live about 5 minutes away from the canal. Unfortunately I ended up being away that weekend, although Rebecca was probably immensely grateful she didnt have some mad woman waving at her down the canal!

Rowan x

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