Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Rowanjoy Real Bride - Beth

Beth is a friend from my time at art college (more years ago now than I care to believe) so it was an honour and pleasure when she asked me to make her wedding dress.

Beth was a two dress bride - Good times 

The first was her Gran's wedding dress which was a beautiful lace dress from the forties. Through time and various wears the dress had been damaged a little but was in pretty good condition for a dress almost 70 years old. Beth asked me if I would repair the tears in the lace, add some new buttons and take out some of the fullness in the sleeve. Pretty nerve wracking stuff when you are faced with a family heirloom. 

Her second dress took me back to my re-working roots when she asked me to create the dress from a beautiful Kimono that she already had which was a gorgeous green colour with a cherry blossom pattern woven in. Luckily Beth was looking for a column style dress with some art deco pleating details which the dress pattern just fitted onto the Kimono fabric, phew. The dress was finished off with a row of covered buttons down the back. Gorgeous.

Rowan x

All Photos copyright Euan Robertson Photography

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  1. Great job on the dress(es)! They/she looked fantastic