Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Rowanjoy A/W photoshoot sneakiest of peeks

So here is the sneakiest of sneak peeks from the shoot that we just did on Sunday. Its a bit like where's wally but with a glamourous lady rather than a stripey shirted man. The shoot was a great success and I think the results are going to be spectacular. I will put them on here as soon as I have them in my hands. The team as usual were amazing and along with the hospitality of the location and the gorgeousness of the model, it was a great day. My thanks to the fabulous following people.

Paul Marr - Photographer extraodinaire
Roy Rogers - Hair Master
Fiona Henderson - Make up queen
Strumpet - Fabulous hats
Pam Jenkins - Lust inducing shoes
The Rutland hotel (especially Imogene and Liz)
and finally our gorgeous model Ashleigh@thelookagency
destined to go on to great things

Rowan x

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  1. Oh Rowan why do you tease us so!? Cannae wait to see!x