Tuesday, 26 January 2010

In the mood for love, 2046

So I am still sans camera cable to enable me to get some new pics up and let everyone see a sneak peek of the new collection. I do, however, have a large back catalogue of photoshoots from previous years that are just hiding away on my hard drive and that I think should be set free for more people to see. The photos in this post are from a shoot I did nearly 4 years ago. It was for the fabulous Paul Marr's final show from his course at Telford college. The idea for the story was inspired by the Kar Wai Wong films In the Mood for love and 2046. Paul loved the lighting in the films and also the setting of the hotel room. My inspiration for the outfits for the shoot came from the idea of a reclusive movie star hiding away in her hotel but remaining glamourous throughout her seclusion. We shot at the Point Hotel in Edinburgh where the neon lighting in the rooms and corridor set the scene perfectly. Its still on of my favourite shoots I have done so far.

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